90210′s Annalynne McCord looks like an overdone turkey

90210′s Annalynne McCord looks like an overdone turkey


90210’s Annalynne McCord – who is ostensibly a mere 21-years-old, if Wikipedia isn’t a big fat liar – has defied the very laws of nature. How? Well last time I checked, nature generally didn’t let you turn into a 54-year-old Upper East Side socialite overnight. But that’s exactly what McCord appears to be – and I can’t say it’s a flattering look for her.

Yikes! It looks like someone over did it a little bit on the fake bake!

Annalynne McCord hit up Bar Deluxe in Los Angeles last night clutching a long stem rose that someone was kind enough to buy for the star (probably from one of those people who walk down the middle of street selling them out of plastic buckets).

The 90210 starlet wore red platforms and a white dress, that so nicely complimented the white racoon-like marks around her eyes. It’s good to see that Annalynne protects her eyes when she’s in the tanning bed, but maybe she should nix the super bronzed look overall. She’s a pretty girl, but Anna’s aged herself several years with tan and make up.

[From INF Daily]

The weirdest part is – while it appears that Annalynne did protect her eyes, because that area isn’t tanned – it looks like she wore the goggles too low. Her upper cheeks aren’t tanned either, yet it appears that the area under her brow is. It’s like she slid her eye protection down an inch or something. Even if she hadn’t done that, this would be a very bizarre and unfortunate look. But whatever’s going on in the eye area – Hollywood Tuna referred to it as “reverse raccoon – isn’t helping things.

I am what Websters Is My Bitch long ago referred to as a “Halfbino.” I am as pale as a person can possibly be without being an actual albino. And I can’t even pull off a spray on tan – it just looks totally ridiculous on me. So I was pretty enthused when it seemed like the Britney Spears fake-and-bake that was popular for so long had gone the way of dodo. Either Annalynne McCord’s trying to bring it back, or she’s hopelessly out of touch. Let’s pray it’s the latter.

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord out for a night out at Bar DeLuxe in LA on Thursday. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

90210′s Annalynne McCord looks like an overdone turkey

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