Colin Farrell joined team Ireland at opening of Special Olympic World Games

Colin Farrell joined team Ireland at opening of Special Olympic World Games

Colin Farrell leads out #TeamIreland @SOIreland overnight at LA opening ceremony. Best of luck to all the athletes!

— Esther McCarthy (@Esthermccarthy) July 26, 2015

The opening ceremony of the Special Olympics was held on Saturday in LA. Michelle Obama opened the games and there were performances by Avril Lavigne and Stevie Wonder. Longterm Special Olympics supporter Colin Farrell marched in the opening parade with the Irish athletes. Ireland is one of 165 countries represented at the games, in which over 6,500 athletes will compete over nine days.

Colin had some words of encouragement for the athletes competing as well as those at home, which was really nice. You can see footage of him wishing the athletes luck here, and there’s a cute lead-up where he helps the interviewer fix his hair. Here’s a link to another Special Olympics interview with Colin, where he calls it an honor to be there and speaks glowingly of the athletes.

Colin was on Jimmy Kimmel late last week. He suffered a rude intro when a “random” guy (who works on the Jimmy Kimmel show) came up and sniffed his neck. (What do you suppose Colin smells like? I’m guessing Irish Spring and sex.) He seemed surprised but handled it well. I would assume that the Kimmel people gave him a heads up. Later, he told some cute stories about how he’s so cheap he steals combs from spas. Swag makes him feel icky, though.

I could listen to him speak for hours and luckily I just found another interview where he, ever-so-briefly, reads an excerpt from an upcoming erotic novel. The prose is rather purple, it’s by this Irish conservative talk show host named George Hook, but still it’s Colin Farrell reading slightly sexy stuff. He’s doing a George Hook impression too. You can see that here.

Oh and we’re not doing True Detective recaps anymore! Kaiser is still hate-watching it, but she’s kind of annoyed with the direction the show has taken (note by Kaiser: God, if I have to listen to Vince Vaughn half-ass those terrible lines for one more episode, I’m going to start screaming at my TV). I haven’t watched it this season.

Colin Farrell arriving for the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Colin Farrell joined team Ireland at opening of Special Olympic World Games

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