Hacking trial reveals: Daniel Craig beloved Kate Moss, Sienna Miller was ‘clingy’

Hacking trial reveals: Daniel Craig beloved Kate Moss, Sienna Miller was ‘clingy’


SO MUCH. Lots is coming out of the neverending “hacking trial” in London. The trial is all regarding the Info of the World and the best way they repeatedly hacked into the voicemails of celebrities, royals, whoever they wanted to report on, and now a bunch of people will possibly (maybe?) be going to jail and I’m constructive there shall be further repercussions to return. Nevertheless a weird side-effect of the hacking trial is that numerous celebrities have wanted to take the stand and admit that they’ve been bangin’ people and leaving lovely-dovey voice messages to their side-pieces.

To recap: to date, Jude Regulation testified that he referred to as Daniel Craig in 2005 to bitch Craig out for his affair with Sienna Miller. Jude suggested Daniel to tell all to Daniel’s girlfriend on the time, Satsuki Mitchell. One among many NOTW hackers moreover testified that Sienna had left a “I like you” message on Daniel’s voicemail. So, what’s new? SO MUCH.

*Sienna is working in New Orleans correct now (working with Ryan Reynolds), so she testified via videolink. She confirmed that she and Daniel have been “buddies” and that it was “in all probability” she had left him a message saying she beloved him. She acknowledged that she tells all of her associates that she loves them and it’s no huge deal. Nevertheless she did affirm that she and Daniel had been in “a extremely non permanent encounter” and “for an prolonged time interval, he was one amongst my closest buddies. That’s how I ended all my calls to my buddies.”

*A former NOTW journalist claims that when Jude Regulation stumbled on that the NOTW had gotten their arms on the Sienna-Daniel story, he traded some data with them so they could make it sound like Sienna’s affair with Daniel predated his (Jude’s) affair with the nanny. Such a gentleman.

*The NOTW were knee-deep in sources able to confirm particulars about Daniel and Sienna’s affair. The sources nonetheless keep unnamed contained in the trial, so the trial heard about these sources telling the NOTW that Sienna and Daniel have been holed up in a house in Notting Hill, and when paparazzi descended, Daniel drove off and Sienna hid behind the door. One provide moreover claimed that Sienna “saved Jude dangling whereas going onto her subsequent sufferer.” One provide claimed Sienna was “clingy” and “like a stalker” and he or she would title Jude and Daniel “quite a few events an hour.”

*As for Daniel Craig, in 2004, it was extensively reported that he and Kate Moss had briefly dated. This was – I take into account – sooner than he met Satsuki Mitchell and sooner than Kate obtained with Pete Doherty. In 2004, Daniel was Mr. Artsy Unbiased Film Dude and Kate was nonetheless one in every of many largest supermodels on the earth, so it kind of made sense. Neither Daniel nor Kate ever confirmed that that they’d dated, nonetheless a former Daily Mirror journo said he hacked proper right into a message that Daniel left for Kate by which Daniel said, “I actually such as you, I actually such as you, I actually such as you.” I suggest… it’s fascinating as a affirmation that they dated a decade prior to now, nevertheless as far as I do know, they’ve been every single on the time, so it’s really not that scandalous.



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Hacking trial reveals: Daniel Craig beloved Kate Moss, Sienna Miller was ‘clingy’

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