Amber Rose is a ‘feminist monster,’ was ‘unhappy being submissive to an individual’

Amber moreover talks about kind of courting Machine Gun Kelly, nonetheless she hopes to get once more with Wiz Khalifa sooner than their divorce is final. That part of the dialogue is sketchy, nevertheless I like what she says about feminism. So many girls in truth don’t know what the phrase means. I’m glad Amber educated herself and should now converse up. Positive, she was utterly talking about Kanye when she talked about having to be subservient.

Did Kendall Jenner kick Amber Rose out of her cabana at Coachella?

Coachella arrived with some drama this weekend (which made up for Vanessa Hudgens’ Broadway-bound absence). None of those individuals wore headdresses, which is a step in the precise route. Kendall Jenner strutted everywhere in the pageant. She frolicked principally with Hailey Baldwin however held arms with Fergie. They’re all dressed to the ridiculous nines. Kendall additionally snuggled with Justin Bieber on Friday (most likely to begin some gossip).