Angelina Jolie/Jon Voight reunion initiated by born-again James Haven

Over the weekend, the world was shocked (shocked!) to see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hanging out in Venice with Angelina’s dad, Jon Voight. Voight and Jolie had been estranged for nearly eight years, although Angelina had claimed in numerous interviews over the last few years that she and her dad have been engaged on their factors. It appeared that we had photographic proof that the hatchet was buried, or irrespective of, and folks of us (me) who’ve been cautious of Voight for a while merely decided to bide our time, prepared for him to f-ck up as soon as extra. What’s that? Oh, certain. You see, Jon Voight loves to discuss his daughter and her life, even doing so as soon as they’ve been estranged. Voight loves to discuss each half, in truth, and the particular person is type of crazy (one factor about apples falling from timber, et cetera).

Angelina Jolie have scorching S&M intercourse with Ralph Fiennes

Ian Halperin isn’t the one one that may write a fictionalized re-imagining of Brad and Angelina’s relationship. There’s a model new scandalous tell-all about to be launched, and Life & Sort previews just a few of the accusations leveled at Brangelina by author Jenny Paul. You perceive what’s weird? Various the stuff in proper right here I’d really want to be true. Like, allegedly Angelina had a sexual relationship with Ralph Fiennes. Which is perhaps so f-cking scorching, I really feel. Angie and Ralph would make a sexier couple than she and Brad, nevertheless I’m betting that’s merely me. Oh, and Angelina and Mick Jagger? I would sort of see that one too, although the timeline Ms. Paul gives seems weird. Ms. Paul moreover proclaims that Brad is the one who’s nearly in price – which, I’ve to admit, is a refreshing change from the “Angelina is a ball-busting demon, Brad weeps into goat beard daily” tales.

Regardless that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie battle, she says: ‘My job is to love him’

Angelina Jolie gave an distinctive interview to People Journal, all part of her low-cost publicity advertising and marketing marketing campaign for By the Sea, which fully ate it on the sector office (and which is likely to be opening in 100 theaters this weekend). There’s been quite a lot of sniping at Angelina for shedding time and money on BTS, nevertheless I’ll give credit score rating to her for one issue: she is conscious of the correct approach to promote a movie with fully minimal effort. In my ideas, she merely known as up People Journal’s editor and said, “I’ll give you guys some distinctive quotes if you would like,” they often gave her a part of the sidebar on the quilt. That’s what I suggest by low cost – this didn’t worth Angelina one thing nonetheless a few minutes on the phone with People.

Did Brad and Angelina want Bono to be their twins’ godfather?

In extremely unlikely information out yesterday, The Mirror claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plan on naming U2’s Bono as their new twins’ godfather. In April the rumor was that it was going to be George Clooney – and the couple actually have a wide selection of superstar buddies to select from.