Hacking trial reveals: Daniel Craig beloved Kate Moss, Sienna Miller was ‘clingy’

Lots is coming out of the neverending “hacking trial” in London. The trial is all regarding the Info of the World and the best way they repeatedly hacked into the voicemails of celebrities, royals, whoever they wanted to report on, and now a bunch of people will possibly (maybe?) be going to jail and I’m constructive there shall be further repercussions to return. Nevertheless a weird side-effect of the hacking trial is that numerous celebrities have wanted to take the stand and admit that they’ve been bangin’ people and leaving lovely-dovey voice messages to their side-pieces.

Javier Bardem goes blonde for villainous place in James Bond film

My fan-fiction about some man-on-man movement between Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem isn’t your cup of tea. I was imagining Daniel and Javi collectively ever as a result of the rumors surfaced of Daniel making out with a dude at a homosexual bar. After which Javier was forged within the villain position of the brand new James Bond film, Skyfall. And my fantasies appeared that so much nearer to being fulfilled. James Bond, completely loaded, wrestling a scantily-clad Javier Bardem in a pit of… one factor. Maybe a sun-drenched pool. Maybe they’re putting sunscreen on each other. Ribbing each other down. After which it turns proper right into a wrestling match. And their Speedos slip off.