Johnny Weir is “not family nice” enough for ‘Stars on Ice’

Johnny Weir has confirmed the speculation, telling Entry Hollywood (via Towleroad): “It’s for precise. All because of I am not family nice adequate. I understand I am a little bit of outrageous nevertheless I would like I’d perform for the followers…Maybe correct now, merely artistically and creatively, I’d prefer to have my very personal current, with musical acts, like maybe getting Girl Gaga! I don’t want to assume there are any boundaries. Anytime you get males in glitter it’s flamboyant!” Bless his coronary coronary heart. I actually like him for his positivism. If I was Weir, I may need been like, “Dude, we’re ice skaters. All of us love glitter and sparkles and being fabulous, that’s why we turned ice skaters! And if that isn’t family nice, then you must suck my large glittery d-ck.”