Miley Cyrus’ new beneath the sheets ‘Adore You’ video

Miley’s latest video for the “Adore You” single leaked sooner or later early on Christmas. The video is certainly clear adequate that we are going to current it proper right here, nevertheless that’s not primarily good news for Miley, who needs a gimmick. Proper right here she is sporting a nude-colored bra and underwear and frolicking by herself beneath the sheets.

Did Billy Ray Cyrus merely use the media to emotionally blackmail Miley?

My sort out this instance, and that’s merely my precept, my opinion: I really feel Billy Ray was and is genuinely concerned for Miley, and he actually thinks the people spherical Miley are damaging her larger than serving to her. The Mullet’s downside is that the GQ interview reads partially like a father emotionally blackmailing his wayward daughter. Previous the actual concern for Miley, there’s the lament and self-imposed martyrdom of a conservative father who cannot exert any administration on his wild daughter. The Mullet seemed to be attempting to manage his daughter, or on the very least make some form of impression on her negatively, out throughout the public sphere. Perhaps that was the one card he had left to play – he says throughout the interview that he and Miley haven’t been speaking rather a lot. My guess is that after the interview, Miley did contact him and that she’s the one calling a lot of the pictures now, and that Billy is relenting and pulling once more from his public suggestions now because of he obtained what he wanted: further time with Miley.