Serena Williams Boyfriend Fiance Husband in 2017

Serena Williams Boyfriend Fiance Husband in 2017

This couple got into the official relationship, because they are now engaged. Both need no introduction; one is a top entrepreneur, mean while other is a best of the tennis player. She (Serena Williams) is 36 years old and her partner (Alexis Ohanian) is 34 years of age. That’s why they make the most charming pair together. 29th date of last month of last year was the special day for both of them because it was their engagement day! It was after 15 months they took this serious decision that they should get engaged now. She will sooner be getting married and tied a knot with her boyfriend Alexis. She too showed off her huge and beautiful looking engagement ring.

  • Who is Alexis Ohanian?

First of all he is boyfriend turned fiance of Serena Williams. May be in 2017 he will her husband to, secondly he is an internet entrepreneur. He is an activist and also a best-selling author. He is also co founder of world top website Reddit.

This loving couple posted picture in which Serena was showing off the spectacular and amazing looking diamond engagement ring to her fans. She shared a poem on Reddit. It was dedicated to her partner. On the other hand, her partner told this happy news to his fans on his social media page. He wrote: and she said yes!

Right at the Australian Open, it was her guy who cheered her. He clapped and was looking so much proud because his wife-to-be was the winner in the straight sets. Alexis told that he is the happiest man on this planet because he is getting married with Serena.

Ohanian and Serena

During last year Serena was in a rumored relationship with a rapper. But as soon as this engagement news came, all the rumored relationships of her got vanished! She is a Wimbledon champion and she has found a perfect partner for herself.

They make a powerful couple. Right now every one is waiting for the time that when their wedding bells will be ringing? We know that the wedding of Ohanian and Serena will be one of the biggest and grand weddings by far. Hope so in upcoming they will about the date of their marriage ceremony.

Serena Williams Boyfriend Fiance Husband in 2017

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