Will Angelina Jolie do ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ inside the wake of By the Sea’s failure?

Will Angelina Jolie do ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ inside the wake of By the Sea’s failure?


I’ve in no way seen Bride of Frankenstein, so I’ve no feelings regarding the idea of present-day Hollywood remaking the 1935 film, which starred Boris Karloff (as a result of the monster) and Elsa Lanchester (as a result of the bride). Do I really feel it’s a bit unoriginal to do a remake of a film that is extensively thought-about to be a primary in its type? Constructive. Do I really feel the numerous remakes are tedious usually? In actual fact. However once they’re going to remake it, at least they’re going to aim to do it correct. Apparently, the whole objective Frequent agreed to finance Angelina Jolie’s By the Sea was because of they wanted to handle their relationship collectively together with her so that she would adjust to star in a remake of the Bride of Frankenstein. I’d utterly see that. THR did an in depth analysis of the financial failure of By the Sea and why Frequent agreed to waste $40 million on Angelina’s vanity enterprise. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Frequent did Angelina a “favor” & people are lying regarding the money. Donna Langley (the highest of Widespread) wanted to deal with her “relationship” with Angelina rather a lot, that Langley agreed to the value of By the Sea. THR moreover writes: “Nonetheless now the studio stands to lose as lots as $40 million on By the Sea, based mostly on two educated sources who place the film’s funds at nearer to $25 million than the $10 million Widespread insists it worth (and the promoting expense at $15 million). The film grossed $185,000 from 126 theaters in its second week of launch and has amassed a paltry dwelling haul of $313,000 up to now. One provide scoffs on the $10 million decide, noting that Jolie Pitt’s directorial debut, Inside the Land of Blood and Honey, a Serbian-language warfare film with a no-name cast, worth $13 million.” Moreover: Brad and Angelina reportedly took $1.5 million each for BTS, plus a backend (which will not be coming).

Angelina fought with Widespread’s promoting. A provide tells THR: “Frequent wanted to put it up for sale as one factor engaging, nevertheless she wanted it to be purchased as a European art work dwelling movie… Every trailer and TV spot was cut back by her or her group.” Sources are nonetheless bitching in regards to the poster, which apparently should have had Angelina and Brad’s faces on it (nonetheless in its place had two hats).

Widespread will parlay BTS’s failure. They’re principally going to guilt Angelina into signing onto Bride of Frankenstein because of they’re going to lose “tens of tens of tens of millions of dollars on By the Sea.” So each Widespread will guilt Angelina into signing on to Bride of Frankenstein or “a long-hoped-for sequel to Wanted. Each of those motion pictures may end up raking in far more in earnings than Frequent will lose on By the Sea.”

And in the long term… THR wonders aloud if studios should even finance these “favor” films anymore, citing the success of a handful of self-financed motion pictures, like Magic Mike. A provide says: “The need to do favors doesn’t make sense anymore.”

[From THR]

I have no idea why people have to make a sequel to Wanted. Spoiler: Jolie’s character dies in the long term. I suggest, I assume the versatile bullet may need merely messed collectively along with her head considerably bit, and God is conscious of I beloved the surprising combination of James McAvoy and La Jolie, nevertheless I really feel it’s time to bury the would-be Wanted franchise. Now, Bride of Frankenstein? I would really see that. I can see Angelina inside the wig already, can’t you?



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Will Angelina Jolie do ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ inside the wake of By the Sea’s failure?

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