Miss Universe Australia’s 10 Secrets To Health & Wellbeing

Miss Universe Australia’s 10 Secrets To Health & Wellbeing

Tegan Martin is a Newcastle woman with a sparkly long term. Topped Pass over Universe Australia in June of this 12 months, Tegan is set to compete within the Leave out Universe 2014 festival (in reality held in January 2015!)

Tegan modelling for Novo sneakers. Symbol by way of her instagram account @tegan.martin

The 21 yr previous blonde stunner, who may be a former hairdresser and make up artist (didn’t the ones abilities turn out to be useful) stocks some attention-grabbing secrets and techniques about how she remains have compatibility and wholesome…

TIP #1. Substitute your pre-workout power drink or your afternoon droop espresso with a tumbler of clean
natural unsweetened cranberry juice, with a shot of wheatgrass or barley grass. You’ll have
an quick power kick and in the longer term, your frame will love you for it.

TIP #2. If in case you have bother dropping pounds or there are particular portions of your frame which can be proof against
nutrition and workout, check out getting rid of dairy and sugars.

TIP #3. Use coconut oil as an alternative of different oils when conceivable. It’s metabolised directly into power
reasonably than storing as fats. It’s additionally a perfect candy repair – I’ve a tablespoon on a regular basis and I
have it with a slice of toasted rice loaf for a candy deal with.


TIP #4. Take a probiotic. I began taking Progurt, which I’ve discovered has upped my power ranges, my
pores and skin is clearer, I don’t have drained eyes and I’ve a lot much less bloating.

Symbol: Tegan Martin’s instagram @tegan.martin

TIP #5. Get started your day with a heat glass of water and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar – this will likely
truly kick-start your metabolism and works wonders to your digestive tract. I additionally drizzle
apple cider vinegar on my salads to assist digestion.

TIP #6. Consume numerous white fish. It’s wealthy in nutrients and minerals and is way more straightforward for the
digestive device to wreck down than some other type of fish or meat.

TIP #7. Chlorophyll – put two tablespoons in a 1.5Litre bottle of water to sip on right through the
day. I additionally stay a 1L drink bottle on me, with the intention to be certain that I drink sufficient water and keep


TIP #8. Workout much less, devour much less. Infrequently we over workout, which in flip makes us devour extra for
power. I to find once I stay my workout to 30minutes an afternoon – relying at the depth of the
exercise – I am getting the most productive effects. I change between strolling, operating, mild weights, yoga
and boxing.

Symbol: Tegan Martin’s instagram @tegan.martin

TIP #9. Substitute your social espresso dates with inexperienced juice dates. Inexperienced juices are my tremendous therapeutic
secret. They cut back irritation within the frame and do wonders in your digestion. I make
certain I’ve no less than one inexperienced juice in line with day – NOT as a meal alternative even though.

TIP #10. Select the fitting shoe. The unending events over summer season imply dressing up for the instance; on the other hand, repeatedly dressed in prime heels can have an effect on your posture and result in nerve harm.
Change your heels for a couple of residences or wedges the place suitable. My present favourites are
an espadrilles or a wedge.

Miss Universe Australia’s 10 Secrets To Health & Wellbeing

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