Stacey Dash Boyfriend 2017 Married to Now Who is Stacey Dash ex Husband Boyfriend Dating

This beautiful actress looks to be unlucky when it comes to marriage! She got married for 3 times. As she is 50 years of age but still looks unfortunate when we talk about marriage. These days she is dating with a budding model. He is almost 25 years younger than this actress. Many of the media sources have confirmed this news he is current boyfriend of Stacey Dash in 2017. He lives in her building which is located in LA. Both of them will sooner go on a trip to NYC. Do you know that Michael Evers (her new bf) is just a year older than that of her son? It is true! It is told by this senior actress that she has now changed most of her political affiliations and at the same time, she has wondered everyone to be in this new relation.

In her last divorce she also apply to court for separation because of the issues of physical abuse. She mentions that every time she bears torture and never goes for split up because she always wants to save this relationship. Now as all things are going over so finally she goes for divorce.

Note: Without any doubt she confirms the rumor to be with this younger bf, but due to criticism of age difference she avoid from public appearance with him. Let us see how far this relationship will go!

Stacey Dash now bf

Stacey Dash now bf

Moving towards to more ex husbands then before her last divorce she married to two men. It was for the first that this actress got married to Brian Lovell. Both spend six years of life with each other but again they failed to prove it a strong marriage life.

Afterward her second marriage was with James Maby. But it was such a short marriage. Among these relations she also involves with a hidden relation, although she is not married to this man named as Christopher Williams but he is baby father of a children. She has too a daughter, her name is Lola. Her daughter is fathered by Maby.

Last BF: Ben Carson

This is all online possible boyfriend detail of Stacey Dash in 2017 that who is she dating now as well about her ex husband and a failed married life. Now she deserve a happy personal life as she suffered a lot, let hope all things will go good.

Stacey Dash Boyfriend 2017 Married to Now Who is Stacey Dash ex Husband Boyfriend Dating

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