Will NBC substitute Conan O’Brien with Jerry Seinfeld?

Will NBC substitute Conan O’Brien with Jerry Seinfeld?

As NBC takes an infinite dive-bomb of their scores, it’s come to the time the place all people begins assigning blame. Who shall take the blame for the boneheaded idea of cancelling out all 10 p.m. scheduling in favor of Jay Leno’s inane current? Who will take the blame for putting Conan O’Brien’s “not mainstream ample, however not quirky enough” humor on The Tonight Current? Who will get the blame for tens of tens of millions of selling dollars fleeing NBC like rats from a sinking ship? Who will get the blame for NBC not having any of the best twenty displays, week after week after week?

Correctly, it appears to be similar to the f-cking geniuses at NBC programming have decided in cost the experience. And I’m using that phrase “experience” loosely, in reality. PopEater’s gossip man is reporting that there are some rumors and theories being tossed spherical that Conan O’Brien goes to get the ax. Not merely dumped… nonetheless modified with NBC’s dream candidate, Jerry Seinfeld. Jesus… NBC is run and operated by a very powerful idiots on the planet:

With Conan O’Brien scores slipping faster than Tiger Woods’ endorsement attraction, TV executives are telling me that informal discussions have started to occur inside 30 Rock as to who may be the home-run different for the hysterical nonetheless sagging redhead. The establish on all people’s need itemizing? Jerry Seinfeld.

“NBC merely can’t stick with it like this. ‘The Tonight Current’ has misplaced 52 % of its viewership in just one yr. The November scores can be the current’s lowest in 15 years. They may be idiots to not be having the choice dialog,” a provide tells me.

However, getting Seinfeld — who had an prolonged, worthwhile relationship with NBC inside the ’90s and who, sarcastically, agreed to be the first customer when NBC moved Leno to 10 p.m. — is an prolonged shot and Conan’s people are denying it completely. NBC spokesperson Drew Shane responded: “Totally false. There will not be any conversations occurring. Conan is the host of the ‘Tonight Current.’”

Answer to face by your man! We love Conan and wish him to succeed it does not matter what timeslot he’s on.

[From PopEater]

I really feel there’s maybe one factor to the concept that some higher-ups at NBC want Conan gone, or shuffled once more to late-late night time time. Nevertheless I in truth assume that within the occasion that they made that douchey switch (and it a douchey switch, even when Conan does suck on the Tonight Current), they could provide the Tonight Current once more to Jay Leno first. And Leno has already acknowledged he would take it again, if offered. I sincerely hope everyone at NBC realizes what a robust clusterf-ck they’ve gotten themselves into. They deserve my scorn. I will in no way get used to watching Regulation & Order at eight p.m. on a Friday!

Will NBC substitute Conan O’Brien with Jerry Seinfeld?

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